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Power of One – Pasadenans Shaping our Community

The Power of One Blog is based on a book project that I collaborated on with local author Traude Gomez several years ago. The concept of the book was to present the stories of the unsung heroes of the Pasadena/Altadena community who were contributing greatly to the fabric of life in our small corner of the world. We selected not the captains of industry, or presidents, or CEO’s, or elected officials, but, rather, just the folks down the street who have a brilliant idea or passion for an organization or issue and have contributed notably through that commitment.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when ideas of community are breaking down as we rush through busy lives, driving out the garage each morning, driving back home each night, only to disappear into the solitude of our homes, disconnected from our surroundings. Do we believe that nothing we do matters? Or do we attend community meetings? Do we get to know our neighbors? Do we feel powerful enough to initiate action on a local issue that we care about? – From the book’s Forward

Power of One - Pasadenans Shaping Our Community book cover

With this in mind we featured non-profit leaders, art supporters, visionaries, thinkers, dreamers, people who defied the odds and persisted until they achieved their goals. Looking back, they were excellent choices as the vast majority are still contributing to the place where they were planted.

What drives humans to give of themselves so deeply and unwaveringly? A desire for recognition, perhaps, a hope for success, possibly. Could it be, however, that it is just their nature to “do the right thing”.

The other salient question, of course, is whether or not one person can actually make a difference and change the course of events in a community? Obviously, none of these individuals could have accomplished their objectives without the help of others, nevertheless, they have been the catalysts for action, the drivers of the vision and have galvanized people around them in order to create a better world.

The POO Blog seeks to continue the storytelling and inspiration of the book by highlighting a new generation of artists, thinkers, tinkers, and visionaries in Pasadena/Altadena, but via a medium that is accessible to all.  And one which has the potential to be interactive, participatory and democratic.

I hope that you will read these stories with gusto, share them with your friends and neighbors, and even imagine yourself as someone who also embodies “The Power of One”.

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