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One of the most challenging aspects of the construction of the original POO was the selection process. As in any city, there are numerous extremely talented individuals who are positively impacting the place where they live or work; oftentimes, too many to count! So how does one decide which stories to include from the abundance of amazing people?

To begin with, they should be currently contributing in a visible way. Also, we wanted a cross section of fields of expertise, plus a variety of gender, age, ethnicity and experience. Once all of those characteristics were taken into consideration, the person actually had to say ‘yes’ to the invitation to be a part of the project. It is certainly understandable that some folks would like to remain somewhat anonymous, or invisible, as that might be a reason why they are effective, so a couple of invitations to participate in the project have been declined.

In any event, the POO Blog is an effort to recognize the impressive work of even more of our community members without the limitations of a book format and with the increased accessibility and interactivity of being on the web. So if you have an idea for someone to feature, then please contact me, or post it in the “About this Blog” comments section.