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Shaping our community

Have you ever wondered if one person can make a difference? Have you ever questioned whether or not your efforts and hard work were really making a difference in your community and changing lives?

As human beings we all yearn to have a purpose, or some form of meaning, in our lives.  Often, however, we are our most severe critics. We don’t think that we have “done enough” in our work or as a volunteer, when in reality we have acted in ways that have contributed greatly to the lives of our loved ones, neighbors, and even ourselves.

How does one recognize accomplishment, or even success, in one’s endeavors?  How do you measure your impact? Sometimes you will never know the creativity you have sparked, or the souls that you have enlightened, or the hearts you have softened. It will be out of your view when the change occurs. Thus, we must come to grips with the fact that the transformation we aspire to nurture may take place when we are not present, but then be confident that one day it will come to pass.

Community builder Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, DC. Photo © 2013 Brian Biery

MLK Memorial, Washington DC, Jan. ’13

The POO Blog is designed to feature the stories of folks just like us who have a vision for how our world can be: a place that is fair and just to all of its residents.  Everyone has a role to play and we all have the talents to fulfill them, sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration and encouragement in order to stay the course.

Each month we will feature an amazing person from the Pasadena/Altadena community and describe a bit about how they are positively impacting our lives. In addition, they will answer a few questions related to their passions and how they feel one individual can make a positive impact on the world. Also, there will be an opportunity for readers to comment on these stories and suggest others for recognition or consideration. So please submit the name of a person you know who has left his/her fingerprints on our community in a positive way.  Finally, there will be regular updates on what the first batch of POO participants are dedicating their time to these dates.

Note To Readers

All communities are fortunate to have many individuals who are contributing to the betterment of society in significant, but often, unseen ways. With their examples in mind, consider developing a POO project for your own city or town. And if you ever have questions about what we have developed here in Pasadena/Altadena, please let me know.

Brian Biery
Pasadena/Altadena, June ‘13

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