Tom Coston

chief merrymaker, musician, radio show host, sage, dedicated volunteer and visionary

Obviously, since the release of the POO, the Light Bringer Project has continued to produce the Doo Dah Parade and the Pasadena Chalk Festival to huge success, including being listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest community chalk festival in the world.  However, Tom and Paddy Hurley, and their gang of art lovers and merrymakers have developed several more dynamic and meaningful programs, including L.A. Futures Academy, Expressing Feelings Through Art, LitFest Pasadena, and the brilliant Room 13.  In addition to gallivanting around the world to encourage the growth of Room 13, Tom has also been a board member for Day One and Villa Esperanza and an advisory board member of the Pasadena High School Creative Arts, Media and Design Academy (CAMAD).  And in his spare time he is still making people laugh all over town.  For tantalizing and titillating information, please go to;;

Pasadena Chalk Festival '12

Pasadena Chalk Festival ’12